Saturday, May 5, 2012

All Smiles

Dinner went on smoothly for the rest of the night with the company of my dear friends. I didn’t want to leave but I had an early morning for work so I had no other choice. Ann accompanied me back to the flat and we got a chance to talk on the days we were apart from each other. She told me of how they enjoyed the festive season with her family. She really looked happy and well relaxed.

I didn’t want to appear mean by saying it loud, but I noticed that she had gained a little weight. She had gained a couple of pounds especially on her backside and her waist area. Guess the few weeks of her leave had done her good. Good for her!

At the house, I helped her unpack a few clothes she had in her bag and helped her get to the shower before we slept. I did a little silent prayer to God thanking him of everything before I dozed off.

Back to work, things were not looking up. I first of all organized a short meeting with the staff and informed them of the funeral. I asked them what we could do for the HR and most of them came up with really good suggestions. We decided to buy a card where all of us could write something to pass our condolences. About six guys in total agreed to attend the funeral on behalf of the company. This was because the company had a small van and could only carry six guys. Fred and I were part of the team to attend the funeral.

I emailed the suggestions to Mrs. Wright who was not in the office today and she got back to me a few minutes later approving of what we had discussed. She also gave me the go ahead to take some cash for any purchases to be made. I still had a tone of work so I asked the receptionist to organize with a florist to order some flowers ready for that day since we had no time.

Lunch hour arrived quickly today so I texted Fred and asked if we could catch up for lunch. I was really feeling hungry and a little drowsy so I needed the break. I took the stairs and found Fred waiting for me by the newspaper vendor.

“Hey.” He said giving me a kiss on the cheeks.                                             

“Hey baby.” I replied.

“Can we try a different joint today?” He suggested taking my hands.

“Okay. You have somewhere in mind?”

“Not really but we can look around.” He said.

We turned to the left and down the street. Most of the restaurants in this part of the street were high end so we choose a pizzeria food place just down a couple of blocks. Seeing the pizza on the ovens made my tummy turn with envy so I quickly ordered Hawaiian Pizza with some cola. Fred was busy looking for a place to seat so I later joined him while waiting for our order.

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